Our Story

Inspired by daydreams, positive thoughts and wishful thinking!

Hello there! My name is Cassandra and I’d like to welcome you to my shop, Zavyanne. I love all things romantic and fairytale and my shop is a special place where you will find wonderfully whimsical paper cut and wood cut items for weddings, romantic occasions like anniversaries and engagements as well as stunning nursery decor. Most my items can be customized with names and dates to give as extra special wedding gifts, anniversary gifts or baby gifts.

I’ve always been attracted to crafting and creativity and I followed that passion through into university; earning my degree in graphic design. My time at university opened my eyes to a world of amazing design and it was during that time that I stumbled upon paper crafting. I was astonished to learn that I could take a quite ordinary piece of paper and make something that is magical and meaningful. I fell in love with paper cutting and I’ve been working with paper ever since.

My love of wood decor didn't start until I had my beautiful baby boy, I wanted a beautify styled nursery but found it hard to find inspiration for boys rooms. 

I like to look on the bright side of life and I’m a firm believer in the power of optimism. I am also a sucker for romance and fairy tales; I guess that’s why I enjoy designing wedding paper cuts!

Feel free to send me a message with any questions or to inquire about a custom order based on any of the items you see in my shop. I’m constantly working on new projects, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

The story of Zavyanne

I bet your all wondering, what does Zavyanne mean?
My shop’s name comes from a combination of three words; savvy, zany and Anne (which is my middle name and means full of grace).
It’s my way of telling the world that my creations have a zany/creative edge to them while at the same time they come
from a place of knowledge and require a skill that has taken time and patience to master.